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Kurzfilm: Gourmet - Szenische Geschichte
Kurzfilm: Gourmet - Szenische Geschichte

The whole process of writing the script, finding locations and actors, filming on set and editing took us nearly 2 weeks. 2 days(nights) of production.Since we have been only a crew of 3 people, everyone had several diiferent jobs on set at the same time - it was a great experience and a strong teamplay - thisgoes beyond just simple editing and script writing it was a complete team-process and progress - uniting the team even stronger.Special thanks again to our actors, Noemi Mas, Thomas Binder, Sophia Müller-Bienek.Recorded on the Canon Eos 5D Mark II.Beethoven - Mondscheinsonate 3. Satz Music rights are not provided - rerecording of the song itself is planned.Gourmet - by Lucas Blank, Felix Hintzen and Florian Klaes (AVM12).We appreciate any kind of feedback and hope you enjoy the film.